Efficient ways to Contract a Commercial Cleaner

Commercial cleaning is one of the worlds most outsourced tasks and its also one of the services where customers change suppliers consistently.

According to anecdotal reports from reputable sources within the commercial cleaning industry, around 50% of cleaning contracts will be turned over either within, or just after a contract has been completed That's an astonishing rate of supplier turnover.
These kinds of figures make hiring commercial cleaners a difficult and unenviable task, especially for the inexperienced.

Below is an info-graphic that explains the top reasons why people are either dissatisfied or satisfied with a commercial cleaner, and given the anecdotal statistics just shared, would appear to be a priceless reference to help someone successfully hire a good cleaner.

Infographic thanks to Smart Cleaning Solutions

The info-graphic lists the top reasons why people are either satisfied or dissatisfied with a commercial cleaner.

All things considered, this makes the info-graphic here an extremely useful resource.

And even better, the authors of the info graphic also share a comprehensive checklist of questions that anyone can download and use when interviewing a commercial cleaning company, and claim if anyone downloads and uses their checklist, they will definitely find a good service provider. Simply follow the links you find on their site to get the checklist as well.

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